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Where to eat on a budget in London

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I know that when traveling, budget is important and food can be a serious matter. When visiting London with kids all parents want to find a good place, suitable for children, with healthy or tasty food and with a good value for money. I am not a fan of chains eateries, however you know what to find there, we don’t like surprises with kids! There are multiple locations in London, so you will probably find one of the suggested chains, when visiting an attraction. Where to eat on a budget? Here is a list!


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As said before, I am just looking for the best chains and if you are looking for fresh croissants and a very good coffee (with Lavazza, Italian brand of coffee) then head to Paul. The coffee is one of the best in London. There are many different locations, some of them are quite big and there are seating options. Also the bread is very good, similar to Italian and French tradition, so it’s a good place also for a take-away lunch. Baguettes are very good here. – there are lots of outlets around London. Many have ample seating areas so you can sit down and enjoy baguettes and patisserie to recharge for further sightseeing.

Paul bakery from outside with the window full of pastreis


Le Pain Quotidien is another French chain that I like especially for an easy breakfast and lunch.

Last but not least, one of the best bakery for baking great bread is Gail’s Artisan Bakery,their Sourdough is really great. They also offer breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea and great pastries.



Markets such as the Borough Market, the Metropolitan Market, the Spitafield Market, the Broadway market, up to the most recent and trendy Vinegard Yards, the Boxpark in Shoreditch and the Southbank Food market are a cheap and practical alternative when traveling . It allows you to discover some delights on the go while visiting a neighborhood and appreciating the whole context. If children are not too small and adapt to tastes that are a little different from the usual, they are all certainly valid economic alternatives to try.

a woman watching a merket

Seven Dial Market in London

Among the last born (opened in September 2019) and one of the most family friendly is the Seven Dials market: spacious, clean, cheap! Two plates of fresh pasta from Strozzapreti £ 12, which the kids really enjoyed. You can find it in the Covent Garden area.




If you are in an apartment and need to buy your grocery, if you want to save money buying convenient food for lunch ready to go, or simply want to experience the offer of a supermarket in London, then head to Marks and Spencer or Waitrose. You can also grab snacks for the day, fruit can be expensive however is the best in London for me. Salads and sandwiches are very good and  even the ready food is delicious! In Marks and Spencer you will find only food with M&S brand. This is the main different among M&S and other supermarkets.




Spread in every corner of London, “Pret” as called by the locals, is another french chain (many french chains among my favorites 🙂 ). The organic coffee is good (not as much as Paul). There is a good selection of sandwiches, not only the classic English ones, the classic panino Italian or French style, with baguette filled with ham. They have also toasts however the classic ham and cheese has also mustard and some children might not appreciate. There are also some healthy options like salads and soups.


Baguettes at Pret a Manger


People sitting on tables outside a restaurant

Leon in Spitafield

This is a recent discovery and I have to say I love their fresh and delicious food. Leon has some vegetarian salads that are very tasty and a more international taste like falafel, feta salad, meatballs with tahina sauce. It depends on the age of your children and how they are used to eat international flavors however as they offer many dietary and gluten free menu, it’s a good option and the food is healthy and tasty! If you are looking for the best porridge in the city, then head to Leon. And it’s a very good value for money!



Not only sushi, at Itsu you will find Japanese and Asian take away dishes.Depending on the size, but generally there are seating options available. We love light salads and nutritious noodles.



For great burgers in London, I have three options for you. Burger and chips, what else? Might not be the healthiest solution, but when on holiday and once in a while isn’t so bad and for kids is a green card.


This chain usually has big locations, comfortable to get in with buggies. There are always a piece of paper and some crayons available for children. Burgers are good and convenient. There are also many dietary offers suitable for anyone.   Byron Burger for those moments when only a hamburger will do. Byron Burger has over 40 venues across London.



It might seem a bit spartan as a first impression, but it is part of the philosophy of the brand. You order at the counter and when it is ready you go to collect your own bag. You can eat in, however as there are no trays, you can also bring the food out and eat it where you want. When ordering, you can choose the kind of burger and then customise it with everything else you can choose. We really like it for this. The fries are the best among all the locals of this type. You can take to drink and pay only once and then refill.

burger with fries


Honest Burgers have many options with chicken, beef or vegetable burgers and they claim to use the best British produce. We like their locations so much!




When I moved to London, I haven’t hear about this chain before. Now you can find it internationally, also in Italy. We are fan of noodles and here the price is just so convenient and the food is great. Our kids are very small, anyway they love eating noodles and vegetables. They offer also vegan recipes.

noodles plate

Wagamama’s noodles


Typical English food chain, it’s our destination when we want to have brunch and save money. I can recommend it especially for brunch because eggs and their breakfast offer is really delicious.

a restaurant with tables and chairs




If you don’t know what Lebanese food is, just go and try. In a casual atmosphere, this is a wildly popular chain with also take-away and deli. We eat excellent salads with quinoa and halloumi, which is a typical cheese that is served grilled. I also suggest the cinnamon-spiked pumpkin kibbeh with yoghurt to dip them in. There is also a  kids menu, I suggest to order their falafel (they are like meatballs) with hummus and a kind of pizza made with their bread (called pita).




Franco Manca is an Italian brand that offer a very good pizza. We love the seasonable offer as you can taste different and new kind of pizza.

pizzeria from outside

With love



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