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What motherhood feels like everyday. February update 

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I love February and not because it’s my month’s birthday. I love Carnival costumes but in the UK there is any celebration. So sad… However, I can fell the upcoming spring, days start to be longer with light gaining time on dark. Having said that, I am still enjoying winter coziness while waiting for sunny days and outdoor activities.


Ups and dawns. Some days he is the most gently and obedient boy on the earth. Nevertheless, other days the only word he can say is “NO”. It’s hard, really, sometimes I don’t know how can keep my patience under control. Mornings when he goes to the nursery, wearing time is always a fight. I don’t understand whatever he doesn’t want to go to the nursery or he doesn’t want only to do what I ask for.

Besides I have noticed that he can be frustrated at a certain point because annoyed while waiting for something, for instance if I am feeding Leonardo or changing naps. He can’t understand “please wait for two minutes” yet, so I have started to put a timer. It is a way to play for him and it really works for us: with the alarm he can wait more patiently.

Last month it seemed to me that his jealousy was gone, but it came back even stronger than the first months. I hope that this phase won’t last for long, I look forward to having back my little pleasant son soon.

He has done a lot of progresses, his speech is clearer, now he can associate two words together (saying “a blu car”), he has started to draw cars (he loves drawing) and can also recognize some colors, blue and orange. That’s amazing! At home he speaks Italian but he loves mix both languages. He has started to call me and say “Look!”.

We have another goal to be achieved with Andrea: let him fall asleep in his own room. I think it is better to wait when also Leo will be ready to sleep in his coat (when he won’t wake up during the night so many times). We have made some changes in the second bedroom. With some stickers it has became a nice room for our children. I love having my babies all together sleeping with us, but we bother each other. A restful sleep for everybody is what the whole family needs and the kids room will be the solution. How did you cope with this?


My little one is 5 months old already and he is doing a lot of progresses too! He has started to turn himself from back to his stomach.

He babbles a lot more now and has said ‘ma ma’ a few times, and although he probably has no idea what ‘ma ma’ means, I love it when he says it. He’s always a happy and quiet little baby and he’s learning new things and reaching new milestones, which is amazing.

He is much more attracted by what is happening around him, especially when we are eating. I think he is quite ready for weaning, although he can’t stay sit yet. I don’t want to start  before he will be six months old however.

His sleep hasn’t changed in the last month. As I have explained here, during the night he wakes up three, four times. He has a lot of wind and he wakes up for that pain. Any suggestion about this matter? I am thinking to try a gluten free and diary free diet to see if colic has related to it. Have you managed a problem like this?


They are so cute when together and Andrea tries to interact with him in some ways. I can stay to watch them for hours with a comic smile on my face. When Andrea is at the nursery I believe Leo really misses his brother during the day. He is  more demanding for me and he needs more attentions.


I have started to run during weekdays but with a considerably passion. I think that’s because starting to run again after two-year-stop, it’s hard: I am out of breathe and with a low level of resistance.  However I want to keep on running. Anyway I am still far from my target weight, will I be able to have my body back?

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