Hi, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Francesca, I am an Italian mum of two boys, 1 and 3 years old and we live in London.

What else? 

A former TV producer when I was in Italy and now a as a stay-at-home mum, I find myself spending my days caring for children, home, trying recipes, fighting against tiredness and loneliness. I do not hide it, there are times when I feel like a desperate housewife, and so I think about it, but was I the one who faced life with high work pressure and responsibilities?

I did not really have a kind of mummy model, so I never thought of myself as a devoted mother to her children and her family. But I find myself now and in a country not mine.

A few months after moving to London, I decided to open a blog to practice my English.

This is how all started!

I have never thought that I would have liked so much blogging.



About this blog

Mum what else is a bilingual blog and it is primarily about the story of an expat family, with lots of information if you want to move here. You also find some tips for visiting London: secret spots, where to eat, itineraries and kids-friendly destinations.

This is also my place where I share all the things I love like, in random order, baking, ballet, graphics, series, digital world, video and photography.


Besides my blog, I’m very active on the Instagram , where my online journey actually began.

Whatever brought you to my website, welcome!


Francesca X



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