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Motivational Monday

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Walk tall as the trees,

live strong as the mountains,

be gentle as the spring winds,

keep the warmth of the summer sun in your heart

and the great spirit will always be with you.

-Native American proverb-

If you think about a tree, where is your thought bringing you?

Last Saturday I was walking in the park and when I met this tree I felt the sensation to stay there for a while to think. It was so massive and reassuring at the same time. And I started to breathe. I was feeling myself like a tree, with my feed expanding deep into the ground  to connect to the energy and strength of the earth. I could feel an energy move from the soles of my feet up through my head and into the sky. It was absolutely a great sensation.

We have so much energy inside our body and in our mind but sometimes it seems that it cannot find his route. I have to say this sensations is very familiar to me in this period. I am always tired, my sleep is not very restful with a 5 months old baby.  But I can find my energy when I do something for myself, sometimes five minutes are enough. In the evening while having a shower and writing here on my blog or a during a walking in the park when my little one is sleeping. Everyone needs to find some time for itself, especially a woman when becomes a mum.

Anyway I have tried to do this exercise during the weekend and it helped me a lot. So I am suggesting you to do the same. I am waiting for your feedback.

Because they are primeval,

because they outlive us,

because they are fixed,

trees seem to emanate a sense of permanence.

And though rooted in earth,

they seem to touch the sky. 

-Kim Taplin-

Trees are part of our life. Can you imagine to live without trees?! They are there and their sense of permanence is a sensation very helpful for me, expat in onother country.
But where can we find this energy?
When you are enthusiastic about what you do,
you feel this positive energy.
It’s very simple.

-Paulo Coelho-

And it’s absolutely true.
Have an energetic week!

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