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Monthly update, time flies

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Tomorrow my little Leonardo will be 3 months old and yesterday we celebrated Andrea second birthday and I am feeling like “I want to stop the time flying so fast”. When Andrea was a little baby, I was often wondering and dreaming the time we could start to do something together, really interacting in different ways. And now I am regretting those times when he could stay in my arms… Fortunately I can even more enjoy this sensation with baby L.

ANDREA UPDATE: 2 years old

Yesterday we spent a lovely day at the zoo. For his second birthday, we have decided to do something he could really enjoy as both grandparents couldn’t come to London for a party and as we moved in the UK not long ago we prefer to celebrate in a different way.


Tantrums – The situation is still the same as I described in the post “keep calm“, we have good days and bad days. He can’t speak well so it’s difficult for him to express what he wants and for us to understand why he is crying. I am waiting to find again my nice and polite son.

Nursery – A. has been going to a Montessori nursery for two months and except for the first week, it seems he is now going with pleasure. There has been no settling in for him, he was going to a nursery when we were in Milan and teachers said he would have been fine with two hours together and then stop. He has started to ask in English some things, he now says “more please” when he wants more food when we are eating.

SIBLINGS – Since November, A. started to be affectionate with baby L., learning how to physically approach to him, so suddenly blitz have been substituted by kisses. I think he’s a little bit less jealous, although when I am breastfeeding he wants much more attentions. So I try with “the other free hand” to do something with him, for instance reading a book. A. has also became very attentive to L., when he starts to cry he immediately runs to see what happens and trying to give him the dummy. I find theseattempts so lovely.

LEONARDO UPDATE: 3 months old

L. is getting bigger even more than A., I cannot believe it, he is already almost 8 kg, I had already to prepare all ninth months suits.


Sleeping: Luckily L. has been sleeping always a lot, during the first two months he could sleep almost all the day long and during the night waking up just two times to feed and then immediately started again to sleep. Since November he has started to sleep more during the night and wakes up only one time, that I know it is really good. The first month was not easy anyway because he had always colics. Now it seems they are gone but let’s see what it will happen. He is a very good sleeper above all, he can fall asleep alone, without being rocked and without a dummy. I am not joking, I mean it’s only matter of luck.

Play: During the day he has started to stay in a mat to look around and above him as he is spends more hours awake.

New entries: There is a sweet new entry this month: smiles! There is no doubt now that he is smiling at me! I love also seeing him smiling to Andrea, it makes me the happiest mum in the world. He is also asking (through a soft crying) that he wants to be part of the family when we are doing something together. It happens that if we are having dinner, if he stays together with us close to the table he doesn’t stop to cry. Sooo cute!


In November I started this new adventure. This blog is giving me oxygen, I am felling excited like a baby and I am full of ideas that I want to plan. I am less tired that the first two months. I have still ten kilos on even if I am breastfeeding, that doesn’t concern me because I am doing nothing at all to loose weight. I would like to have some time to go to swim or to run, not for the reason of the weight loss but just because the sensation that only sports can give, a mixture of energy and mind wellness. Let’s see, I am going to put it on my “to do list” for the next month.

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rhythminlife January 31, 2017 - 20:35

Good job mama??

mumwhatelse February 1, 2017 - 08:14

Thanks so much it’s so lovely!


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