I love surprises

I love surprises

“The secret to humor is surprise” said Aristotle. A pearl of wisdom. It’s Sunday evening and a new week is going to start again. It is raining too, everything should inspire me some sadness (even if babies are sleeping and home is quiet). However I am happy because I spent a wonderful weekend, everything was simply perfect. This is one of that days you have to write on a diary to remember and never forget!

A friend of mine came to visit me with her little daughter. She lives in Paris, her partner was spending a surf with friends weekend and she decided to catch a train and make me a surprise. Since when we moved in the UK, I was waiting the moment for a h 24 non-stop chat with a friend. We were not “alone” of course, we were in good company of our babies that play together for all the time. And so between a nappy change and a tantrum, I rediscovered the taste of a genuine weekend full of updates, gossip, answers, questions, confessions. In a new way I have to say, with new rules and timing, that I really appreciated.

Lucia came to London from Paris by train. It can be much easier to travel to London reaching directly the city centre without all the time you need to be in airport before. She found it really convenient! Babies under 4 don’t pay!

Thanks for reading. I am waiting for you again here once in a while.


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