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From Lithuania to Scotland: interview with Raimonda

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I know Raimonda since I started to use Instagram for my blog. So, it’s been quite a long that we are virtual friends. She is an amazing mama, and even though it was her last week of pregnancy when we had this interview, she was happy to be my guest here to share her story for Mamas around the world.

She is the mother of a toddler and a newborn, that I know how hard and busy can be.


1) Hi Raimonda, tell us a bit about yourself.

 My name is Raimonda. I’m originally from Lithuania. I lived in Italy, in Rome for 2 years before coming to Scotland. While in Scotland, I met my now husband who is Italian. We have a 3 year old boy Oscar who is an absolute joy and I’m currently 9 months pregnant with a baby girl!

I recently started my blog https://www.cosmomum.co.uk where I’m planning to write all about family life, pregnancy, traveling and money.

I love connecting with other mums on Instagram where you can find me at @raimonda_days.


2) When did you move to Scotland? and why? 

I moved to Scotland 13 years ago to study Business and Finance at the University.


3) What do you love and hate of this life abroad?

I love friendly Scottish and international people. There’s nothing that I hate about life abroad but I miss my family and I wish they lived closer.


5) What is the most challenging thing you had to face as expat mum?

The challenge is to teach our kids 3 languages – Lithuanian, Italian and English!

living in Scotland as expat

6) You are waiting for your second baby. How is the health care in Scotland? 

Healthcare in Scotland is excellent. I’m very happy and grateful for the level of care provided for mums and expecting mums in Scotland.


7) Your husband is Italian. Which language do you speak at home? 

Me and my husband speak in Italian between us (with lots of English words thrown in). We speak in English with our son mostly but we try to teach him our respective languages too.

living in Scotland as expat

8) Have you ever wanted to live in Italy and why?

Italy is a beautiful country and is perfect for holidays. I feel really settled in Scotland so I’m not sure if I’d want to move to Italy but if we would be able to afford it one day, we would love to have a holiday home in South Italy.


9) If we want to come to visit Scotland, what should we not to miss? Is it family friendly?

Scotland is beautiful country and lots to do with the family. I would definitely visit Stirling- Stirling castle, Wallace Monument, Blairdrummond Safari Park; Edinburgh- Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh Castle, Camera Obscura and if there’s time to go more up north, I would certainly go to see the monster of Loch Ness!

Thanks Raimonda for this inerview.

I always meet to meet my virtual friends arounf the world here for a chat.

If you want more stories and mamas around the world, here some quick link of the previous interviews:

With love

Francesca XX

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