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A special evening with a private chef at home in London

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This year, like every year, I was looking for a birthday present for my partner. A task that becomes difficult every year. I always try to find something useful, but this year I was struggling to find the right idea. Also because we are full of things! So I thought I could give ourselves some time together, do something together. Something that we could remember over time. My partner loves cooking and food, so the idea! A special evening with friends and a private chef at home!


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What is the chef’s service at home

chef while cooking

Credit foto: Nara Parana

How many times I thought, I would like to have a dinner with some friends at home, but I come back home too late.

Or, I’d like to see my friends for dinner, but I don’t have a trustworthy babysitter to leave my child.

Or even just, I would like to invite my friends for dinner, but I don’t want to cook …

Here is the service for you: a private chef at home.

Pop over La Belle Assiette website and you will be able to browse easily menus anche choose the chef. All comfortably sitting in front of your computer.

Our choice fell on Marco Macchi, an Italian chef, with whom we agreed on menu.


A private chef at home in London: how it works

chef in a kitchen showing a dish

Credit foto: Nara Parana

The dinner was set for 7.30 pm and Marco, the chef, came to our place an hour and a half before to cook. He already knew what to bring, since the menu had already been agreed.

My only assignment for the evening was to dress up and set the table. I didn’t have to worry about the food to buy. The chef is in charge of everything!

So you can relax and enjoy the evening.

When our guests arrived, dinner was ready, I was in my children’s room reading a story before bedtime.

bottle of champagne on the table

Credit foto: Nara Parana


Chef Marco cared of everything: brought all his own crockery, he did the shopping, he cooked, he served and … he also washed up cleaned the kitchen while we were enjoying our dessert!


Private Chef at home in London: how was the menu?

The meal started with Savoury Sicilian cannoli with Parma ham mousse and capers

4 cannoli on a plate

Cannoli siciliani – Credit foto: Nara Parana


As starter, we had Caramelised figs, goats cheese, basil, seeded cracker and balsamic

plate with figs

Caramelised figs – Credit foto: Nara Parana


For the main, we had Linguine with Palourde clams, white wine sauce and parsley oil

dish with linguine

Linguine with Palourde clams – Credit foto: Nara Parana


And to finish, Chocolate foundant with blackberry ice cream

Chocolate foundant

Chocolate foundant – Credit foto: Nara Parana

Private Chef at home in London: would I recommend it?

There are so many advantages of having a private chef at home:

  • We were able to drink the wine we had at home, a wine you can usually pay double of its price in a restaurant.
  • It’s child-friendly: we didn’t have to call the baby-sitter, the kids were at our place, in their bedroom.
  • No stress, no rush to run home after a day of work to have a dinner ready for friends.
  • The possibility to offer guests freshly homemade prepared, unheated dishes …
  • An available chef who showed us the main features  of each dish
  • No time restrictions. After dinner we continued to enjoy the evening together, since we were at home.


The dinner was a success, my partner appreciated the surprise, and our guests enjoyed the experience in general.

And I would say, last but not least, we ate divinely!

four people at the table toasting with glasses

Credit foto: Nara Parana

Our meal was courtesy of La Belle Assiette for the purposes of review, however I wouldn’t hesitate to book a private chef again! La Belle Assiette has chefs all over the UK.

And you? Have you ever had the opportunity to have a dinner with a private chef at home?


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With love!




Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. We have been given a complimentary dinner in exchange of an honest review. However, all points of view and opinions, are my own and remain copyright of Mum what else.

A special evening with a private chef at home in London
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A special evening with a private chef at home in London
Have you ever tried to have a dinner with a private chef at home in London? He thinks of everything, does the shopping, cooks and cleans everything!
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